Paleo Update

Somebody (Modern Paleo Diet) left me a comment today which reminded me that I even had this blog!! 😀

I’m still eating paleo as much as I can but I have moved on to another blog that is a much bigger part of my life. My geek side has taken over and I’ve started a podcast at: – The Tech Preps Podcast

From my new site:

The Tech Preps Podcast is all about keeping your “tech” or technology functional in times of disaster. Technology has become so much a part of our daily lives that even losing power for a few hours can be hard to handle if you aren’t prepared ahead of time. (Try explaining to your crying four year old why you need electricity so he can watch his morning cartoons!) We generate and collect so much digital information that a “technical disaster” can turn into a major life disaster.

While I may add a new post here from time to time, my focus will be on my new site. If you have an interest in technology with a prepper’s twist, come check it out!