README.TXT (aka – Paleo 101)

Read Me - Paleo 101


As I write this page, I am still a paleo noob. I have been reading, listening and watching everything that I can to educate myself as much as possible on paleo nutrition, fitness and the paleo lifestyle in general. As a self-confessed geek, I want to understand the science behind all this and need the details. To quote Number 5, “Need input!”.

Not everybody wants that level of detail (as my wife is fond of saying, “Can you bottom line it for me?”) so here I am collecting links to the basics of paleo or Paleo 101. As I learn more and add additional “bottom line” content, I will link to it here. There will also be links to a lot of external content including other blogs, websites, podcasts and videos.

Real Food

Healthy Exercise

  • coming soon…

Sound Sleep

  • coming soon…

(un)Conventional Wisdom (Mythbusters: Paleo Edition)

  • coming soon…

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