Two Weeks On The Paleo Diet

I started my current run on this diet two weeks ago … ish. So far it has been just about the food. I haven’t done any exercise yet but already I’m down from 225 to 211. Fourteen pounds in two weeks ain’t too shabby! (I know … 10 of it was just water … but still!)  For the back-story on how I got started, read my page, My paleo story so far….

So far I’m feeling really good. My sleep has improved, I’m not falling asleep at my desk at 2 in the afternoon and just in general I feel better. In the next few days I plan on starting some body weight exercises (as outlined by Robb Wolf in his book) and will begin tracking more than just my weight. I’m probably going to start a page with my starting info including a picture that I hate, and below that put my current info along with a current picture. Pictures say a thousand words! I’ll probably update the current info monthly or quarterly.

I plan on sharing recipes that we try out and anything else that I think might help anybody else that wants to ride the paleo train. 🙂

Please feel free to leave me constructive comments or suggestions.

Thanks for reading!